Wednesday, March 26

Easter layout

Did everyone have a good Easter?
Ours was so great! House full of family, campfires in the backyard at night, glorious weather, picnics in the paddock, hopscotch tournaments and truckloads of choccy.....blissful!
Took 151 photos in all! Fit 9 of them in this double page spread about our favourite tradition - the backyard Egg Hunt. Fun, fun, fun!!!


  1. What a wonderful, colourful LO!

    It all looks like super fun....wish we were there!

  2. Awesome LO Penny - so colourful.

  3. Hey there Penny,

    Man 50 Eggs woo the kids would have been on a real high babe,
    Your layout is fantastic.
    Loves Popcorn


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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