Saturday, March 15

Crazy for Doubles!

I've been reading Pip Prosser's blog, and her gorgeous fabulous funky work has inspired me to get back into doing double page layouts.

I used to be really big on doubles....I wonder what happened? With all my squillions of photos I have to scrap, I definitely need to start doing a them a lot more!

Pixel Chix Chick is about Bethany's latest purchase (she is such a good saver - no idea where she gets that from.....LOL). She was extremely excited to have saved up enough pocket money to buy the Pixel Chix 2-Storey House.


  1. This is absolutely GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!

    Love the the whole LO! I so agree on the double page idea, we should do it more often.

    Well done, Bessie on saving up for your own Pixel Chix (whatever that is!) You look pretty pleased with it.

  2. I too love Pip's work!! She was the the first person to get me into scrapbooking and helped me with my first 3 pages, about 5 years ago! I look at her blog daily as well as yours Penny! You both do a great Job!

  3. You lucky girl Josie! She's fab - there's always so much to look at on her pages.
    Thanx for your lovely comments - and for looking at my blog! X

  4. I cant believe you were so quick with the Easter page. It looks fantastic. We all had such a great time.Will never forget this one. Bron


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