Tuesday, November 17

Happy List

Right now I'm loving:

1.  The Barnyard Buddies papers and stickers I got to play with for my guest DT spot....read my full review and how I created this page on the Scrapawhile blog.

2.  A day off work when Mimi and I get to do fun stuff like.....cook pikelets.....

3.  Thursday nights cos I get to watch my latest obsession......

4.  The handmade oatmeal soap I got at the Bellingen markets......mmmmm....so good!

5.  This little guy....

....Kate and I sewed our own version of him on the weekend out of the book "More Softies"......so many cute critters in there!

6. Kate's reply when I asked her if she had thought about her Christmas List yet....."the draft is in progress" she said to me.....god love 10 year olds!!!

7.  This movie......why hadn't I seen it before now???  Totally beautiful, heart felt and original.....you won't believe this one made me cry even more than The Notebook.  Still sobbing during the credits, had my shower....still sobbing.....cried myself to sleep.....no, it's OK, I LOVED IT!

Well, that's seven things making me happy right now.....how about you?

Chat soon xxx


  1. aggh blogger just ate my comment!
    Just found you while having a blog surf. Lovely blog.
    I adore that movie, bawled my eyes out, Hubby thought some thing was seriously wrong!
    and love the comment by the 10 year old, very familiar!

  2. Thanks for sharing your happy list! Made me smile!

    xxx Mum (another sooky movie watcher!)

  3. Seven things I love

    1. Wombats
    2. Wombats
    3. Wombats
    4. Wombats
    5. Wombats
    6. Wombats
    7. Todd.


  4. Oh, the I LOVE WOMBATS post was by
    Linda.... forgot to sign off!!

    If you couldn't get......


  5. Really? I would never have guessed Linda!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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