Monday, September 21

While I have the chance...

This week is going to be so hectic and I know I won't get back to this here's a quick summary of our weekend while I have the chance.

Such glorious weather!!!  We enjoyed a lovely stroll along the beautiful river bank at the markets.  The girls made a beeline for the jewelery you do.  Beth and Mia happily sacrificed their hard-earned pocket money for a "Pandora" style bracelet each (just like their big sister's), then all three chose some beads from the rainbow of sparkling pretties laid out before them - heaven!

I finally decided to find out what all the fuss is about, and opened my copy of "Twilight"....after the first 3 chapters I was seriously regretting it....please tell me it gets better!  Well....I'm more than half way through now and I've hardly put it down!

The girls are luckily very good at amusing themselves.....among other things, they had fun on their Jumping Jax...

...and sang their little hearts out on Singstar, while I had my nose stuck in my book and Tim caught up on some much needed zzzzzzzz's.

We all went down to the oat paddock in the hope it was grown enough to let the cows in....Tim, Kate and Digger inspected the crop....

...while Beth and Mia swung on the gate, looking picturesque....

....the decision was made so we called up the cows. 
The inquisitive babies hung around the gate to check us out.....

....while their mums ran in from all directions to go from their regular paddock....

to the gourmet one...... could almost hear them say "yummy" as they munched away.

Is that rain???? Yippeeeee!  It IS rain!  Woo hoo!  Oh I do hope it lasts.....phooey to the washing I just hung out!

Well, I'm off to make some sausage rolls - would you like the recipe?  But before I do I'll show you my latest scrapbook page....

It's my fave of the month!

Have a good week, thanks for stopping by, and see you soon.


  1. Love the layout its so bright and colourful. Awesome doodling
    I am doing the rain dance for ya and for us here on the Gold Coast we need it to
    Tracy :)

  2. Nice to hear the news! I had to laugh at the cows in the gourmet paddock story! Ours have been allowed in the front of the house where the grass was long and delicious, for the past two afternoons. It is nicely trimmed now and they have all gone off to a fresh paddock of rye, oats and clover. A gourmet paddock indeed. Good news about the rain, I hope you get lots!! xxxx

  3. You didn't put up the sausage roll recipe.... I want it!!!



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