Friday, May 15

A Big Catch Up

Lots to catch up I'll make a start. Had a fun family holiday end April/beginning May.......stayed here at the Moby Dick Resort in Yamba for almost a week - we love Yamba! Heavenly! Then we went here.......... Seaworld Resort for a night....went to Seaworld both days and it was amazing. First time the kids had been to a theme park of any description and they were out of their skins with excitement! Here are just a couple of pics from the trip: Bethany, Mia and Kate "pigging out" (ha ha) at the Hogs Breath at Marina Mirage....I mean it - they really did eat the most I'd seen them eat in ages!!! The gang coming out of the big splash at the end of the Viking Flume ride - too funny! The wonderful "Imagine" dolphin show... ....had the kids engrossed and wondering why we couldn't have one for a pet! My little country kids looove the feel of sand between their toes......playing a game of chasies at Turner's Beach - the perfect sheltered beach to hang out at Yamba. When we got home it was all systems go with the carpetlayer arriving to carpet Kate's new bedroom and Beth & Mia's bedroom.....we moved furniture about and I sorted and chucked out toys galore ALL DAY! Kate picked this glorious turquoise hue for her walls "Seashell Lagoon" by Wattyl. She's all moved in now - and what a relief that is. Bedtime is so much calmer now without 3 girls together in the one bedroom! Bethany played her first ever game of soccer....... good does she look in her red (rather large!) uniform? She played so well...really got in there where the action was...following in the footsteps of her Grandad (my Dad) perhaps? I have it all on video for the family library. Mothers Day was a bit of a non-event....just the ususal old Sunday with good old me doing dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. No - I shouldn't whinge....I was woken by 3 excited little faces who bestowed upon me precious gifts handmade at school and preschool. I wore my drinking straw and string necklace all day.....I may even wear it again! I haven't much scrapbooking to share.....quite a few have been accepted for publication so I can't just yet! But here are a few I did this weekend as part of the Scrapawhile "Celebrate the Feminine" Cybercrop...... That's all for now. Busy again til the end of the month with dance Eistedfodd, Fun Run, Education Week and goodness knows what else.... More photo opportunities! See you then. xxx


  1. Wow, the girls are growing up so much. Your eldest daughter is absolutely stunning! Love the layouts and we just love Seaworld as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for showing us all the pics from the holiday, Pen! The girls look so happy!

    Love Bessie in her soccer uniform too, adorable!

    Your LOs are tops, as't wait to see the ones that have gone for publication. Let us know which mags that they will be in.

  3. Love the photos of the girls!! Great to see Kate's new room too. And absolutely adore your "Friends" LO. I'm so incredibly touched!!

    Lotsa xxxxx


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