Wednesday, October 22

Six More

Boy, has this month gone by FAST!
Do you think it has to do with the fact I've been scrapping my heart out??? :0)
Only 9 more days.........and 9 more layouts to go. Well, 10 actually (LO21 is still on it's way).
DAY 10
DAY 18
DAY 19
DAY 20
DAY 22

Wanna have a go yourself? Click on the link to Jen Hall's blog over there on the right......she's giving one lucky blog reader free access to all her Octoberfest classes!

Well, thanks for popping in, and for all the great comments!


  1. Penny these Lo's are fantastic. They look soo good. I love all the designs. I might just click on that link and take a look. Bron xxxx

  2. Penny! What can I say! are sooooo talented. I just love your layouts. They are fantastic.My favourite would be Day 10 with Bethany....She is a doll. You will have to lock her up when she is a wait to see what you come up with next xx

  3. Pen, I love Day 10 - colours and bits are just gorg!!

    Had to laugh when you told me you were brushing Rudolph the other day... thought you meant a dog! LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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