Sunday, April 27

Button addiction

I have a love affair with buttons....

I go to my local fabric barn and buy stacks of 'em in all my fave colours. I don't know, they just add a touch of cuteness - and colour of course! And you can never have too much of that!

Here's my latest layout - featuring buttons....of course!


  1. This is a fun and funky LO Pen, love it. Buttons add a fresh 'young' feel to a LO. I buy mine at the Charity shops - about 50c for a mixed bag.......bargain!!

  2. About the buttons, Pen.......what do you use to stick them on with? Are they sewn or glued?

  3. Hi Anonymous!
    These are glued - it's quicker. When I want the sewn-on look, I tie the thread through the holes, but still glue them.

  4. I love buttons too. Love this LO Penny.

  5. Pen I love this LO. I am o just starting to use buttons. Haven't got into them yet.These look great. Bron


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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